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  1. Upon release, " Assassin's Creed II " garnered universal critical acclaim.
  2. Carnevale is depicted in the 2009 video game " Assassin's Creed II ".
  3. He then produced the music for " Assassin's Creed II ", recorded in Los Angeles.
  4. High-end games such as " Assassin's Creed II " required one GPU per game.
  5. "Assassin's Creed II " is the first game to be linked to Ubisoft's Uplay feature.
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  7. Coins acquired in " Bloodlines " can be transferred over as Florins to " Assassin's Creed II ".
  8. Assassin's Creed II : Digital Deluxe Edition as of now is available only on the PlayStation 3 through PSN and PC through Steam.
  9. On June 1, 2009, Ubisoft released a new four-minute cinematic " Assassin's Creed II " trailer at E3.
  10. The story introduces the situation before " Assassin's Creed II ", and the enemies of both Giovanni and his son Ezio.
  11. The same rule for Assassin's Creed II on PC now applies to any Ubisoft game on the PC that once required a persistent online connection.
  12. *Agostino Barbarigo makes a cameo as the doge-elect for his brother Marco in the video game " Assassin's Creed II ".
  13. However, subsequent patches for " Assassin's Creed II " allow the player to continue playing once their connection has been restored without lost progress.
  14. Later " Assassin's Creed II : The Game of the Year Edition " was released, containing the extra content incorporated on the game disc.
  15. On April 1, 2010, Konami released a short promotional video with Patrice Desilets, the creative director of " Assassin's Creed II ".
  16. At E3 2009, " Assassin's Creed II " s creative director, Patrice D閟ilets, announced that there would be at least a third game.
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