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  1. According to the Creed manuscript, discovered in 2003, they camped for the night by their boat at'the Bluff eight miles from Moeraki'to the north.
  2. The true cause was revealed by the discovery of the Creed manuscript in 2003, which records the views of Mori who were alive at the time of the events.
  3. However, the Creed manuscript, written by the Reverend Charles Creed in the 1840s recording the information of two Maori informants and discovered in 2003, shows Tucker in a new light.
  4. According to the Creed manuscript, discovered in 2003, two men'escaped through the darkness of the night & fled as far as Goodwood Bobby's Head'a little south of Palmerston on the coast.
  5. From 1805 to 1807 a boom took place at the Antipodes Islands  territorially part of historical Otago, and probably the source of the Creed manuscript's early European visitors to Otago harbour about 1806 / 1807.
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  7. The Creed manuscript clearly reveals the original cause, invisible to history for nearly two hundred years, identifies the later triggers of particular events while observing they were all consequences of the first theft and its revenge, often visited on people unaware of what had set these events in motion.


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