deaths in 1083造句


  1. King Munjong was born in 1019, and reigned from 1046 until his death in 1083 . During his reign, the central government of Goryeo gained complete authority and power over local lords.
  2. Brictric's other lands were granted after Matilda's death in 1083 by her eldest son King William Rufus ( 1087 1100 ) to Robert FitzHamon ( died 1107 ), the conqueror of Glamorgan, whose daughter and sole heiress Henry I ( 1100 1135 ).
  3. For example, the historian Zeng Gong lamented over the success of Buddhism, viewing it as a competing ideology with'the Way of the Sages'of Confucianism, yet on his death in 1083 was buried in a Buddhist temple that his grandfather had helped build and that his brother Zeng Bu was able to declare as a private Merit Cloister for the family.
  4. In 1054, as " patrikios " and " strategos ", Basil Apokapes rallied the people of Manzikert and Andronikos Doukas in 1071, he seems to have been under the command of Philaretos Brachamios, a Byzantine general of Armenian heritage, who had established himself in Cilicia, and served him as a governor of Edessa from 1077 until his death in 1083.
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