defensive secondary coach造句


  1. Rushing, 26, is the Bobcats'defensive secondary coach.
  2. NEW MEXICO STATE _ Named Richard Rodgers defensive secondary coach.
  3. Carr joined Michigan in 1980 as defensive secondary coach.
  4. Named defensive secondary coach Shannon Morrison as defensive coordinator.
  5. HUMBOLDT STATE _ Named Keith Buckley defensive secondary coach.
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  7. BUFFALO _ Named Roy Istvan offensive line coach and Clayton Carlin defensive secondary coach.
  8. OHIO _ Named Mike Sullivan defensive secondary coach.
  9. In February 2011, Mallory was hired as the defensive secondary coach at Michigan.
  10. SAM HOUSTON STATE _ Named Thomas Herman wide receivers coach and Clay Jennings defensive secondary coach.
  11. "Some of our backs were disappointed, " said defensive secondary coach George Darling.
  12. SAM HOUSTON STATE _ Named Thomas Herman wide receivers coach, and Clay Jennings defensive secondary coach.
  13. On February 13, 2012, he was hired as the St . Louis Rams defensive secondary coach.
  14. VILLANOVA _ Named Mark Reardon defensive secondary coach, Apollo Wright running backs coach and Kevin Kelly defensive assistant.
  15. New York Giants running backs coach Mike Gillhamer is leaving the team to become defensive secondary coach at the University of Oregon.
  16. Carr was the team's defensive secondary coach for his first seven seasons and then defensive coordinator from 1987 until 1994.
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