defensive secondary造句


  1. The team hopes to bolster its defensive line and defensive secondary.
  2. Tracey Wistrom finds himself alone in the defensive secondary pretty often.
  3. Rushing, 26, is the Bobcats'defensive secondary coach.
  4. But the Jets also need help in the defensive secondary.
  5. NEW MEXICO STATE _ Named Richard Rodgers defensive secondary coach.
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  7. Knecht and Lynch, fine athletes, were moved to the defensive secondary.
  8. Among them are Bledsoe, Chris Slade, and the entire defensive secondary.
  9. Carr joined Michigan in 1980 as defensive secondary coach.
  10. Named defensive secondary coach Shannon Morrison as defensive coordinator.
  11. HUMBOLDT STATE _ Named Keith Buckley defensive secondary coach.
  12. That includes three backups in the defensive secondary.
  13. At one point, the Volunteers had three backups playing in the defensive secondary.
  14. BUFFALO _ Named Roy Istvan offensive line coach and Clayton Carlin defensive secondary coach.
  15. OHIO _ Named Mike Sullivan defensive secondary coach.
  16. In February 2011, Mallory was hired as the defensive secondary coach at Michigan.
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