1. Many residential communities in beijing are cleaning the dust - covered roads by washing instead of sweeping
  2. Today , an old lady in her 70s is bring out over 10 , 000 negatives from her dust - covered suitcase , and sorting them quietly
  3. In a cellar at radio vienna , a soldier unearthed a dust - covered collection of recordings among them andersen ' s " lili marleen "
    在维也纳电台的地下室中,一名士兵发现了一堆上面积满灰尘的唱片其中就有安德森演唱的《丽莉?玛伦》 。
  4. Evidence that the above - imaged plates really are dust - covered water - ice includes a similarity in appearance to ice blocks off earth ' s antarctica , nearby surface fractures from which underground water could have flowed , and the shallow depth of the craters indicating that something is filling them in
  5. It's difficult to find dust-cover in a sentence. 用dust-cover造句挺难的


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