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  1. Howry walked Dustan Mohr, forcing in a run that made it 3-1.
  2. Dustan Mohr and Torii Hunter each hit two-run homers for the Twins.
  3. Bonds was replaced in left field by Dustan Mohr in the eighth.
  4. Bonds was replaced in left field by Dustan Mohr in the eighth inning.
  5. Minnesota outfielders Jacque Jones, Torii Hunter and Dustan Mohr definitely noticed.
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  7. Kennedy threw home when it appeared that Dustan Mohr was breaking from third.
  8. Beltran barely slid safely under the tag after a strong throw from Dustan Mohr.
  9. Dustan Mohr scored on a wild pitch to give the Twins a 4-3 lead.
  10. The out was saved, however, because outfielder Dustan Mohr caught the ball on the rebound.
  11. Said Minnesota outfielder Dustan Mohr : " I'm kind of surprised it's not higher ."
  12. The 40-year-old slugger left afterward to rest and Dustan Mohr replaced him in left field.
  13. Twins outfielder Dustan Mohr was fine with that.
  14. He could have had more than a double because the right fielder, Dustan Mohr, overran it.
  15. Dustan Mohr also homered for Minnesota, which had 17 hits in winning its sixth straight game.
  16. In Philadelphia, Torii Hunter, Corey Koskie and Dustan Mohr each homered to lead Minnesota past Philadelphia.
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