1. By the time that suit is resolved, the Kingdome will be a dustball.
  2. All you could see was a dustball,
  3. He was previously a member of the British punk band " Dustball " and is based in Oxford, England.
  4. The last night featured several Oxford bands reformed for the night, including The Candyskins, Dustball, The Nubiles and Unbelievable Truth.
  5. Drummer Nigel Powell formed a new band, The Sad Song Co ., and has been playing with another Oxford band Dive Dive ( formerly Dustball ).
  6. It's difficult to find dustball in a sentence. 用dustball造句挺难的
  7. Dive Dive formed in 2001 in Oxford, England after the breakup of the members'previous bands, Unbelievable Truth ( Nigel Powell ) and Dustball ( Jamie Stuart and Tarrant Anderson ), in 2000.
  8. It started as a tiny dustball 4.6 billion years ago, slowly accreting and being transformed over the eons into the rock that crashed in Mexico in 1969, leaving behind at least two tons of fragments.
  9. One of his wittiest and freest paintings is " Leda and the Swan, " with its cartoon dustball collision of whirling lines and flying hearts in place of the usual languorous nude with bird; it's a weirdly beautiful work, as well.
  10. A Samurai Lizard, Sly sought to improve his standing within the ranks of the Samurai by conquering Canopis III, the homeworld of Kamo, and he had a plan to use special evaporation satellites which would reduce the watery Canopis to a dead, dry dustball in a matter of seconds.
  11. The city has hosted several large sporting events including the 2007 Canada Winter Games, for which a CA $ 45 million sport multiplex was built; the Canadian Junior Freestyle Championships in 2006, the Arctic Winter Games ( 2000, 1992, 1986, 1980, 1972 and the current 2012 games ), the annual International Curling Bonspiel, and the Dustball International Slowpitch Tournament.
  12. Other acts included were; Antonia, Black Nielson, Caretaker, Cat on Form, Chris TT, Dustball, Finlay, Edible 5 ft Smiths, Fonda 500, Goldrush, Jetplane Landing, Jim Crosskey, KTB, Lapsus Linguae, Lightyear, Luke Smith, Mountain Men Anonymous, National Prayer Breakfast, Pug, The Rock of Travolta, Rachel Dadd, Scott Parker, Six Ray Sun, 65 Days of Static, South Sea Company Prospectus, Toby Kidd, Torqmada and The Young Knives.


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