1. And unlike the dustballs under your bed, this dust can literally kill your computer.
  2. But when investigators plucked it from amid the dustballs and bottles, the case was made.
  3. Physicians say the study is a powerful reminder that couples can boost their overall health by making some immediate changes _ from relationship dynamics to residence dustballs.
  4. One reform proponent refers to some of the abuses as " high-handed nit-picking audits by county assessors intent on taxing everything from paperclips to dustballs ."
  5. In the Northeast, it's kitten fur and pussy willows; in the Midwest, it's dust bunnies and dustballs; up toward Illinois, it's goose feathers; and in Pennsylvania, woolies.
  6. It's difficult to find dustballs in a sentence. 用dustballs造句挺难的
  7. By replacing the family cook with take-out food, a working parent can achieve the goals of simplicity, flexibility and lower cost, avoiding paperwork and social insurance taxes . ( Of course, these circumstances exact a price on home life : less time with children, more exhaustion, dustballs and cold dinners .)
  8. That said, I tried to keep an open mind to " The On-Line Job Search Companion " ( McGraw-Hill, $ 14.95 ), which at first glance fully lives up to the reputation careers books have for being dull as dustballs : boring graphics and long lists of alleged resources.


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