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  1. The most important exothermal reactions in the crust can be expected from the chemical transformations of sulfides .
  2. At the some time , the reaction between ti and al also is an exothermal reaction , so the inner energy is increased sharply which prompt al3ti to decompose and the diffusion rate of ti toward graphite particles and the decrease the inoculation tune
  3. Before 900 c , ti reacts with al to form tial intermetallics ; above 900 c , c reacts with remain ti to form tic triggered by the exothermal reaction of ti and al ; tial reacts with tic to produce dense tial / ti2alc composites
    间的放热反应引发c和未反应完全的ti反应生成tic ; tiai金属间化合物和tic反应并合成致密tiai / tizaic复合材料。通过保温阶段, tizaic长成层状多品结构,同时复合材料致密化。
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