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  1. Effect of early artificial rupture of fetal membranes on birth process of patients with pregnancy - induced hypertension
  2. It has been demonstraed that there are differential distributions of l 1 p - hsdl and 11 p - hsd2 in the fetal membranes and placenta
    在体内, pghs存在两型,其中pghs - 1为细胞固有型, pghs - 2为可诱导型,细胞因子、激素及毒素等上调其表达。
  3. At last we investigated the fimction of prior induction of llp - hsd1 expressing by gc in the fetal membrane , in terms of pghs - 2 expression and pge2 secretion
    但文献报道, gc对肝脏11 - hsd1表达没有诱导作用,而对边缘系统的海马11 - hsd1的表达具有诱导作用。
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