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  1. Gerard Way made this cartoon with Joe Boyle and Barb Nash.
  2. I believe the user is referring to Gerard Way.
  3. One of them ran over to Gerard Way and bit him on the neck!
  4. During filming for the second video, band members Gerard Way and Bob Bryar were injured.
  5. In 2013, frontman Gerard Way published a comic that continues the story described in the album.
  6. It's difficult to find gerard way in a sentence. 用gerard way造句挺难的
  7. The band's debut single " Afterglow " received praise from My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way.
  8. The music video shows the funeral of a girl, who, according to Gerard Way, died tragically.
  9. The live performance was theatrical, with Gerard Way assuming the character of a member of The Black Parade.
  10. 'The Breakfast Monkey'was a cartoon created by Gerard Way, now the vocalist for My Chemical Romance.
  11. My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way has said that they pattern their career upon the Pumpkins', including music videos.
  12. Jack Wheeler would return as a supporting character in " Young Animal series written by Gerard Way and Jon Rivera.
  13. Gerard Way has said that it is " the definitive video for the record " which " summed up the album ".
  14. ""'Professional Griefers "'" is a song by Canadian producer deadmau5 featuring vocals by Gerard Way.
  15. The episode also features a young Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, an employee of Fisher's at the time.
  16. Gerard Way has described this video as " The definitive video for the record " and one that " summed up the album ."
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