1. Southwest of Gronzy, a bridge over the Nethoi River was blown up overnight near Shaami-Yurt, 15 miles from the capital.
  2. Russian troops also shelled and rocketed surrounding villages, igniting a huge fire in an oil storage terminal a few miles south of Gronzy.
  3. In Tolstoy-Yurt, where Russian forces are concentrated just north of the Chechen capital of Grozny, artillery guns fired round after round into Gronzy.
  4. "The Russians think all men here are fighters, " said Magomet Batayer, head of local administration in the Sunzha district south of Gronzy.
  5. The war over the breakaway republic of Chechnya is shifting heavily to the countryside south of Gronzy, where Russian forces battled Chechen rebels around several towns and villages Thursday.
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  7. Russian artillery shells rained down on the southern fringe of the capital Thursday, trapping Russian mothers searching for their soldier sons and prompting some of Gronzy's last residents to flee.
  8. He eventually became the soloist at Gronzy's Chechen-Ingush Dramatic Theatre . [ 2 ] He would then work alongside the renowned Russian composer Alexander Alexandrov, who would teach Umar music composition.
  9. During the first confrontation with the snake, two of the party are killed : Gronzy ( Anthony Green ) is stabbed by the genetically altered anaconda's very sharp tail and Dragosh ( Bogdan Uritescu ) gets his head bitten off by the snake.


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