ground nut造句

"ground nut"是什么意思   


  1. Adjust the texture by adding a little more cream or ground nuts.
  2. The cropping area for ground nuts has increased by 4 lakh hectares.
  3. Crops grown include maize, cassava, ground nut, soya, coffee and beans.
  4. Major crops are sugar cane, bananas, green chiles, ground nut, vegetables and coconut.
  5. It is famous for cash crops, sugar cane, Tobacco, ground Nuts.
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  7. OR use half protein powder and half ground nuts for flour in recipes.
  8. The main vegetation are jawar, sunflower, wheet, maze, ground nuts and many oil seeds.
  9. Sugarcane and ground nuts are the popular crops grown in and around this village.
  10. 1 / 2 tablespoon cinnamon, mixed with the ground nuts
  11. The major crops are paddy, sugarcane, ground nuts and mango.
  12. Ground nut mixtures are common fillings for such treats.
  13. Some crusts are made of ground nuts, butter and sugar baked until hardened and toasty-flavored.
  14. It has 2 small dams . it is very famous for its tasty ground nuts.
  15. His sorghum and ground nuts keep his family alive.
  16. Rice, ground nut, cashew nut, different pulses, mustard, etc.
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