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  1. Mixed with Guy Fixsen at Eden Studio, London.
  2. The album was recorded with veteran producer Guy Fixsen.
  3. According to engineer Guy Fixsen, " We weren't allowed to listen while either of them were doing a vocal.
  4. According to engineer Guy Fixsen, " we weren't allowed to listen while either of them were doing a vocal.
  5. The album was mixed at Ray Davies'Konk studio in Hornsey and The Dairy studio in Brixton with Kevin Shields and Guy Fixsen ( Laika ).
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  7. Following this tour, Moonshake split in half, with Margaret Fiedler and John Frenett departing to form Laika with Guy Fixsen ( who had engineered " Eva Luna " ).
  8. "' Laika "'is a British band founded in 1993 by the ex-members of Moonshake, Margaret Fiedler and John Frenett, and producer and engineer Guy Fixsen.
  9. In 2005 Phelan and Sheppard signed ( under their own names ) to The Leaf Label and at the end of the year began work on a new album, with ex-Laika mainstay Guy Fixsen assisting.
  10. He first came to musical prominence in 1998 as a 4AD signing under the moniker "'Starry Smooth Hound "', releasing a track co-produced by Guy Fixsen ( of Too Pure band Laika ) on the label sampler " Anakin ".
  11. While Callahan kept the Moonshake name and continued the band ( along with the drummer Mig Morland and various guest musicians ), Fiedler and the bass guitarist John Frenett both left . Fiedler began working with Guy Fixsen as her writing and recording partner, as well as beginning a romantic relationship with him.
  12. She came to the attention of Warp, signing with them in 2009 . " Nerve Up " ( 2010 ) was recorded in a crumbling room of a mill in Miles Platting, a run-down area of East Manchester, co-produced by Campbell and Guy Fixsen ( Laika, My Bloody Valentine ).
  13. From there, the band moved into ambient and techno influenced soundscapes as evidenced by their 1993 album " Free-D " produced with Guy Fixsen . " Free-D " marked the end of the original line-up and something of a hiatus for the band releasing only the 1994 remix EP " AstralaVista " in the following six years.


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