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  1. Their guy Fletcher was mouthing off quite a bit.
  2. Dire Straits keyboardist Guy Fletcher, like Knopfler, played on all songs.
  3. It was based on the novel " Mary Was Love " by Guy Fletcher.
  4. Mark Knopfler composed most of the music for the television specials; along with the accompaniment of Guy Fletcher.
  5. In 1986 Langan co-produced Belouis Some's album of the same name in New York City with Guy Fletcher.
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  7. In 2002, Mark Knopfler was joined by John Illsley, Guy Fletcher, Danny Cummings and Chris White for four charity concerts.
  8. Knopfler began work on another studio album in September 2013, again at his British Grove Studios in London with Guy Fletcher co-producing.
  9. The song features Dire Straits members Mark Knopfler on guitar and Guy Fletcher on synthesizer, Knopfler's one condition for allowing the parody.
  10. In late 1986, Belouis Some recorded his second album " Belouis Some " in New York, produced by Gary Langan and Guy Fletcher.
  11. Also in 1988, John Illsley released his second solo album, " Glass " which featured Mark Knopfler, Alan Clark, Guy Fletcher and Chris White.
  12. The album features several members of Knopfler's touring band, such as Glenn Worf, Guy Fletcher, John McCusker, Michael McGoldrick and The Big Picture ".
  13. The song features Neil Hubbard and Keith Scott on lead guitar, Dire Straits'Guy Fletcher on keyboards, Omar Hakim on drums, and Tony Levin on bass guitar.
  14. The insert includes song lyrics and album credits, and includes additional photographs by Guy Fletcher showing details of several guitars, a B鰏endorfer piano, a microphone, and a recording console.
  15. "Everyone got their share of this storm, " said Guy Fletcher, a spokesman for Allegheny Power, which was scrambling to restore power to 39, 000 West Virginia homes Tuesday.
  16. Guy Fletcher, a spokesman for Allegheny Energy, which owns the plant 65 kilometers ( 40 miles ) south of Pittsburgh, said the company's main concern is " the safety of the people up on the stack.
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