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  1. It's easier to identify members of the sprawling cast, including Guy Forsyth, " Slacker's"
  2. 1999 : ( Fall ) New York Daily News reports she's romantically linked with a local musician . . . Guy Forsyth.
  3. Blues rock had a rebirth in the early 1990s-2000s, with many artists such as Gary Moore, Clutch, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Joe Bonamassa, and Guy Forsyth.
  4. Josh Gravelin went on to play, record, and tour with a number of Austin bands and artists including Ian Moore, Alejandro Escovedo, Future Clouds and Radar, Guy Forsyth, Sparkwood, Beaver Nelson, Oxford Files, Nakia, Ray Wylie Hubbard ..
  5. Wonderland was a founding member of the Loose Affiliation of Saints and Sinners ( with Papa Mali, Eldridge Goins, Guy Forsyth, and others ), with several of her songs being featured on their " Sessions from the Hotel San Jose Rm . 50"
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  7. By the time Moeller had joined The Fabulous Thunderbirds in mid-2007 he had recorded, played regularly with, or toured North America, Europe and Scandinavia with Darrell Nulisch, Lou Ann Barton, Mike Barfield, Doyle Bramhall II, Gary Primich, and Guy Forsyth.
  8. Among international artists presented at the 2008 T鴑der Festival were Seth Lakeman-C . J . Chenier-Ashley MacIsaac-J . P . Cormier-Justin Townes Earle-Anthony da Costa-The Duhks-Oysterband-Baskery-Tom Paxton-Mary Black-Eddi Reader-Kris Drever, John McCusker, Roddy Woomble-Ross Ainslee & Jarlath Henderson-Altan-Guy Forsyth-Guy Davis-Valravn and Eiv鴕


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