hide up造句

"hide up"是什么意思   


  1. We think you ' ve got ' em hid up somewhere ,
  2. I used to hide up there when he ' d get a temper goin '
  3. I ' ve been hiding up here listening
  4. I used to go and hide up there
  5. How come you got that stickknife hid up in your blankets , preacher
  6. It's difficult to find hide up in a sentence. 用hide up造句挺难的
  7. He had houses and land , and it s reckoned he left three or four thousand in cash hid up som ers .
    他有房有地。人家说他留下了三四千块现钱,藏在什么一个地方。 ”
  8. Weight was divided in not less than a hundred parcels ; as to the barrel that had been wet , i did not apprehend any danger from that , so i plac d it in my new cave , which in my fancy i call d my kitchin , and the rest i hid up and down in holes among the rocks , so that no wet might come to it , marking very carefully where i laid it


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