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  1. Window is hidden and focus is passed to the hidden window
  2. To display an auto - hidden window , move your pointer over the tab
  3. To view a hidden window , position your pointer within the hidden window tab and it will reappear
  4. When an auto - hidden window loses focus , it automatically slides back to its tab on the edge of the ide
  5. You can easily move and dock windows using the visual guide diamond or temporarily hide windows using auto - hide
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  7. Explains how to hide windows forms controls so that they do not appear when you print a microsoft office excel 2003 worksheet
    解释如何隐藏windows窗体控件,以使其在打印microsoft office excel 2003工作表时不会出现。
  8. This is preferable when you have limited screen space and want to take advantage of management studio and its ability to hide windows
    当屏幕空间有限,并且要使用management studio及其隐藏窗口的功能时,最好使用这种方法。
  9. Hidden windows appear on the left , bottom , or right side of the visual studio development environment , depending on where they are docked
    隐藏的窗口出现在visual studio开发环境底部的左侧或右侧,具体取决于它们是否已停靠。
  10. Controls transition effects . clearing this option causes auto - hidden windows to appear instantly when requested rather than slowly transitioning onto the screen
  11. When using document explorer , you can arrange the document and navigation windows to increase the viewable space for topics by temporarily hiding windows you do not currently need
  12. The use of stealth expert , you can simply press the mouse while the button around ( or use the shortcut ) on the fast hide all windows on the desktop , and at the appropriate time to press the mouse button around , just hidden window that has been resumed


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