1. The hostler ran to report it to the general immediately
  2. Ma wu asked the hostler , " where do the weeds grow ?
    马武问马夫: “治病的猪耳草长在什么地方啊? ”
  3. Traveling is an newly arisen industry of our country , its rapidly development pushed to the hostler ' s large quantity developments
  4. Ma wu ' s hostler took care of three horses and one carriage . seeing that the horses were suffered from bloody urine , he was burning with impatience but could do nothing
    马武将军有个马夫,分管三匹马、一辆车,整天跟车马打交道。这时,他和那三匹马全得了“尿血症” ,马夫心急似火,可又毫无办法治。
  5. Each stalk served as a perch for a grasshopper , which regaled the passers by through this egyptian scene with its strident , monotonous note . for about seven or eight years the little tavern had been kept by a man and his wife , with two servants , - a chambermaid named trinette , and a hostler called pecaud
  6. It's difficult to find hostler in a sentence. 用hostler造句挺难的


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