i corps造句


  1. The I Corps also seized four artillery pieces and 20 colors.
  2. I Corps, striking south out of the Villers-Bocage.
  3. Within days, I Corps had a new G-3.
  4. In September, he was moved to command of I Corps.
  5. They linked up with the I Corps reserve division of Brig.
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  7. The division's I Corps in the Que Son Valley.
  8. Kassa posed to the I Corps and III Corps was neutralized.
  9. I Corps'part in the Western Desert Campaign was brief.
  10. In August 1914 the unit was part of the I Corps.
  11. The I Corps ( Montigny by Loverval as far as Ch鈚elet.
  12. The unit supported I Corps and Special Forces with photographic intelligence.
  13. In 1981, I Corps was reactivated at Fort Lewis.
  14. On July 1, 1986, he was promoted to I Corps.
  15. The British sent the remains of I Corps to reinforce IV Corps.
  16. On 6 October I Corps issued a stinging rebuke to 28th Division.
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