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  1. Yet " I Huckabees " is much, much more than the sum of its imperfections.
  2. Fox Searchlight has " I Huckabees " and " Sideways, " films from two of the more interesting directors to emerge at the end of the last century, David O . Russell and Alexander Payne.
  3. P . S . : At the Mill Valley Film Festival, director David O . Russell described his " I Huckabees " : " It's a comedy first, then spiritual, then political.
  4. The seemingly perfect, blonde Brad, whose girlfriend is Huckabees'seemingly perfect, blond spokesmodel, Dawn ( Naomi Watts ), appears to Albert in visions in which Albert hacks him up with a machete.
  5. Around the time that Dustin Hoffman's eyes, nose, and mouth float off his face into the air around his head, you'll have probably figured out that " I Huckabees " is among the most insane mainstream movies ever released.
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  7. What Russell achieves, though, is something of a miracle : " I Huckabees " isn't just a comedy, it's metaphysical vaudeville, with one act after another performing spiritual pratfalls before shuffling off to make room for the next lost soul.
  8. I HUCKABEES Written and directed by : David O . Russell Starring : Jason Schwartzman, Lily Tomlin, Dustin Hoffman, Jude Law, Mark Wahlberg, and Naomi Watts Running time : 105 minutes Rated : R ( language, sexuality ) ( BS ) ( BS ) ( BS ) 1 / 2
  9. "I Huckabees " starts to seriously come apart when Tommy introduces Albert to his new mentor, a sultry nihilist French philosopher / detective named Caterine Vaubon ( Isabelle Huppert ), and then Brad comes down with his own existential conundrum and hires the Jaffes, who somehow convince his girlfriend, Huckabees spokeswoman Dawn Campbell ( Naomi Watts ), to hide her all-American good looks under an Amish bonnet, even as Albert and Caterine have wild monkey-sex in the swamp and Tommy hits himself repeatedly in the head with a rubber ball.


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