1. At the 2015 Streamy Awards, iJustine won in the Lifestyle category.
  2. Hosting each episode is Rossi Morreale and YouTube star iJustine.
  3. In November 2013, iJustine hosted a social media lounge for the Nickelodeon HALO Awards.
  4. Viewership numbers are on par with fellow lifecasters iJustine, Sarah Austin and Lisa Batey.
  5. Those advisers are former " Bob Harper, YouTube star iJustine, and " Moola " CEO Gemma Godfrey.
  6. It's difficult to find ijustine in a sentence. 用ijustine造句挺难的
  7. The first set of authors included YouTube personalities, Justine Ezarik ( aka iJustine ), Connor Franta and Joey Graceffa.
  8. Amber MacArthur was no longer listed, replaced by Merlin Mann and Kendra Arimoto . iJustine became a host on January 12, 2007.
  9. On December 1, 2016, iJustine was announced as a boardroom advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger on " The New Celebrity Apprentice ".
  10. Billy has also collaborated with other online personalities, including Michael Buckley, Rhett and Link, Joe Penna, Charles Trippy, Dave Days, and iJustine
  11. YouTube personality Jack Douglass wrote a parody called " Jack City " about his videos; lifecaster iJustine created a parody called " Mac City "; IFHT also created a parady called " Cat City ".
  12. Gahan is a frequent panelist and keynote speaker on the topics of YouTube marketing, viral marketing, and influencer marketing, speaking alongside Tim Ferriss, iJustine, Hermione Way, Chase Jarvis, and others.
  13. In mid-July 2010, McDonnell appeared on KTLA with Hank Green, known on YouTube as one of the Vlogbrothers, and iJustine to promote VidCon 2010, the first international conference for online video makers.
  14. A "'300-page iPhone bill "'from AT & T Mobility mailed in a box was the subject of a viral video made by YouTube personality Justine Ezarik, best known as iJustine, which became an Internet meme in August 2007.
  15. Ezarik appeared live on the Internet through the use of a wireless webcam and microphone on her own "'iJustine "'lifecasting channel on Justin Kan's Justin . tv, where she began transmitting her life via the Internet on May 29, 2007.
  16. His most notable achievements in the YouTube community to date have been attending VidCon as a guest panelist in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014; being featured twice on " iJustine ", on " WhatTheBuckShow ", and being in a MakeMeBad35 video.
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