1. IJzendoorn was a separate municipality between 1818 and 1923, when it was merged with Echteld.
  2. Ochten was a separate municipality until 1818, when it was divided into two parts, Echteld and IJzendoorn.
  3. Van IJzendoorn and Kroonenberg conducted a meta-analysis of various countries, including Japan, Israel, Germany, China, the UK and the USA using the Strange Situation.
  4. Van IJzendoorn is one of the founders of the Lolle Nauta Foundation that aims to stimulate the study of education, developmental psychology, and child and family studies on the African continent.
  5. Obviously, the encounter of ethology and attachment theory led to a genuine cross-fertilization " | ( Van der Horst, Van der Veer & Van IJzendoorn, 2007, p . 321 ) . }}
  6. It's difficult to find ijzendoorn in a sentence. 用ijzendoorn造句挺难的
  7. With the proper culture conditions, HepG2 cells display robust morphological and functional differentiation with a controllable formation of apical and basolateral cell surface domains ( van IJzendoorn et al ., 1997; 2000, etc . ) that resemble the bile canalicular ( BC ) and sinusoidal domains, respectively, " in vivo ".
  8. Other Spinozapremie winners are linguists Frederik Kortlandt and Pieter Muysken, mathematician Hendrik Lenstra, physicists Carlo Beenakker, Jan Zaanen and Dirk Bouwmeester, astromers Ewine van Dishoeck, Marijn Franx and Alexander Tielens, transplantation biologist Els Goulmy, clinical epidemiologist Frits Rosendaal, pedagogue Marinus van IJzendoorn, archeologists Wil Roebroeks and Corinne Hofman, neurologist Michel Ferrari, classicist Ineke Sluiter, social psychologist Naomi Ellemers, statistician Aad van der Vaart.
  9. Bastiaan Heeren, Daan Leijen, and Arjan van IJzendoorn in 2003 also observed some stumbling blocks for Haskell learners : " The subtle syntax and sophisticated type system of Haskell are a double edged sword  highly appreciated by experienced programmers but also a source of frustration among beginners, since the generality of Haskell often leads to cryptic error messages . " To address these, researchers from Utrecht University developed an advanced interpreter called Helium which improved the user-friendliness of error messages by limiting the generality of some Haskell features, and in particular removing support for type classes.


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