1. I have an in - country contact
  2. In this paper , the reach actuality and development trend of opo in - country and overseas is introduced
  3. There will also be no need to apply for a residence permit in - country unless you need to extend or change the status of your stay in the uk
  4. There are three parts in the paper . the first is about the background of the paper and the research works of in - country and oversea people
  5. 3 provide guidance and advice to in - country financial management regarding policy , processes , systems and financial staffing and organisation
  6. It's difficult to find in-country in a sentence. 用in-country造句挺难的
  7. Provide guidance and advice to regional and in - country financial management regarding policy , processes , systems and financial staffing and organisation
  8. Early advisors , assigned to " in - country " duties , wore , besides standard webbing and gears , custom made " camouflage " cowboy hats , and leather holsters , both brought along from the states and made in - country
  9. By using the theory of electric commerce , we can adjust or change the old running mode of traditional enterprise . referencing some of successful case in - country or out - country transfer to ec , it will be found a developing way of our middling and small local traditional enterprises
  10. In the paper , after taking into consideration the balance of real time control , reliability and device economy , the " three confirming two " multi - channels redundancy policy is issued , which resolves the problems of switching logic ecomplexity and controlling difficultly ; the imagine of the net excitation regulation system is taken the lead in isssuing in - country , by decentralizing the sample and control into the parts of the system , a kind of new all distributed excitation regulation sytem is constructed ; the mmi software of the excitation regulation system is compiled , which is inheritable
  11. The thesis mainly study the technology of atm lan in - country and overseas , and with the key of qos . with the anatomist object of lan emulation and ip over atm , fouse on expatiate strategy which discussed from three aspect : emulation bridge in lan emulation , the setting of priority in ip over atm , the currency control of flux . at last , this paper set out the ascendant capability of the new strategy with the tool of probability and randomization
    本文主要在分析国内外在atm局域网技方面的最新研究成果的基础上,以服务质量( qos )为主线,以atm仿真局域网技术和ipoveratm技术为剖析对象,系统地阐述了在仿真网桥、优先级设置、通用流量控制方面的改进策略并使用概率和随机过程工具初步展示了新策略优越的性能。


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