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  1. In the post - industry ages , the space is very limited for the enterprise to make an in - depth exploration of profit increasing point in the production field
  2. The paper is centered on an in - depth exploration of the idea of csr and its practice from the perspective of the relationships between the government , society and enterprises
  3. Owing to the scarcity of historical materials , it requires careful and cautious search for , in - depth exploration , conscientious differentiation and analyses of any materials before the specific original place is located
  4. Based on an industry project , this thesis makes an in - depth exploration of eai in electronic design automation ( eda ) field and finally a system named isys is successfully implemented
    本文以实际项目为背景,针对电子设计自动化( electronicdesignautomation , eda )领域中的集成问题进行了深入的探讨,并成功地实现了集成系统isys 。
  5. So in this thesis an in - depth exploration of the finite element simulation of fully grouted bolt will be done starting from the study of mechanics mechanism of fully grouted bolt , the result will provide reference for the design of fully grouted bolt and this have value of theory and engineering
  6. It's difficult to find in-depth exploration in a sentence. 用in-depth exploration造句挺难的
  7. In order to carry out the sea area law thoroughly , constantly perfect the regulatory regime for sea area use , promote the sustainable development of marine development undertakings and marine economy and quicken the steps of building a better - off society in an all - round way , it is quite necessary to make an in - depth exploration into the theoretical and practical problems concerning sea area use management and its legal regime
    为了深入贯彻《海域法》 ,不断完善海域使用管理制度,促进海洋开发事业和海洋经济的持续发展,加快全面建设小康的步伐,对海域使用管理及其法律制度的理论和实践问题进行深入探讨是十分必要的。作者根据多年来从事海洋管理实践,以及海域使用管理法律制定过程中遇到的理论和实践问题,对我国海域使用管理及其法律制度进行分析总结和探讨。
  8. This paper attempts to provide an in - depth exploration of how public and non - governmental educations can develop on an equal footing in terms of the growth and expansion of the market economy and in the context of the market economy , as well as the reforms of the management of non - governmental education in the context of the market economy by reflecting on the practices in school running . hopefully , this paper can provide a new perspective on the research of non - governmental education and some substantial and feasible references for the management of non - governmental education
  9. After introducing the procedures of notarization in china and foreign countries , the part has an in - depth exploration of the jurisdiction principle of notarization in china , the relations between the independent notarization of notaries and the examination and approval system , the content and format of notarial certificates , and the valid period for notarial certificates
  10. At first , through in - depth exploration of above three incentive ways and scientific definition of tmt incentive domino offect , we design tmt measurement index systems of incentive portfolio and tmt incentive portfolio domino offect with applying tournament theory to investigate the difference in the intensity of salary incentive , stock - option incentive and control incentive among directors , supervisors and tmt


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