in-depth knowledge造句

"in-depth knowledge"是什么意思   


  1. To equip students with an in - depth knowledge of computer game technologies ; and
  2. With in - depth knowledge on semiconductor device physics and practical experience on processing
  3. The judge has an in - depth knowledge of and commitment to the legal system
  4. Likewise , if you want to be wise , you should have an in - depth knowledge of any particular subject
  5. Developing web applications doesn t need to be a tedious process that requires in - depth knowledge of j2ee
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  7. Asp . net 2 . 0 has new data controls , removing much of the need for programming and in - depth knowledge of data connections
  8. The development of web applications no longer needs to be a tedious and complicated process that requires in - depth knowledge of j2ee
  9. This claim is backed by in - depth knowledge and long - term experience of the consumer product categories and local market channels
  10. In - depth knowledge of the behavior of microwave radiation has lead anton paar to produce highly sophisticated instruments with the highest possible safety standards
  11. In - depth knowledge of prc labor laws and local regulations of employment . good understanding towards international hr procedures and standards
  12. Using our in - depth knowledge of the self - storage market , we provide flexible and reliable services tailored to suit the unique requirements of our customers
  13. The training objective is to equip the trainee with in - depth knowledge and professional skills of the designated business unitsection heshe is posted . career prospects
  14. This course teaches how to make sound investment decisions through in - depth knowledge of the financial markets , rigorous analytical thinking and precise mathematical derivation
  15. To acquire long term search engine ranking , there is no trickery in search engine optimization . search engine optimization requires in - depth knowledge and tremendous amount of time
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