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  1. I even incorporated language suggested by both yourself and Throwaway85.
  2. However, 99 codes still lurk in unknown places because new programs often incorporate language used in older ones.
  3. Word-types and language types found include incorporating languages in the Caucasus, and isolating languages in the South East.
  4. Within the current generation of the " Second Life " viewer, Linden Labs has incorporated language translation from Google.
  5. He continues to do work on ambigrams, as well and fine art works that incorporate language, type, and philosophy.
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  7.  The " Rechtsw鰎terbuch " incorporates language-and culture-historical references beyond purely legal understandings, thus making the work truly cross-disciplinary . 
  8. It incorporated language on the need to address sources of American competitiveness and to add new provisions for imposing import protection.
  9. And from the Netherlands there was the upbeat, quirky duo of Arling and Cameron, making music incorporating languages and musicians from most of the other countries.
  10. Regarding constitutionality, the act incorporates language similar to that of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which has consistently been upheld by the courts.
  11. *I'm confused by the account that Don left his will incorporating language from Carpenter's will, but Carpenter's will did not include a bequest to educate poor children.
  12. Smith has a unique opportunity to create a really forward-looking engineering experience, avoiding the stereotypes and attitudes of the past and incorporating language and cultural studies, ethics and so on.
  13. Bush could seek to win over the McCain voters who are suspicious of him by agreeing to incorporate language on campaign finance acceptable to the senator in the Republican platform.
  14. Another important question is also the extent to which teachers have knowledge and understanding of how to incorporate language learning strategies into their teaching, with research indicating that this is an area for development.
  15. The compromise would also incorporate language from the Senate's bill that would require the Federal Communications Commission to determine that it would be in the public interest for the Bell company to offer long-distance service.
  16. When speaking to their infants, mothers from middle class " incorporate language goals more frequently in their play with their infants, " and in turn, their infants produce twice as many vocalizations as lower class infants.
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