indemnity insurance造句

"indemnity insurance"是什么意思   


  1. Professional indemnity insurance
  2. If the organization / employer has already effected an appropriate professional indemnity insurance ( pi ) for their employees , why individuals still need to consider personal pi
  3. Members undertaking smsf audits will also need to hold a practicing certificate issued by one of the three bodies and have relevant professional indemnity insurance
  4. About 59 per cent of the respondents did not purchase professional indemnity insurance for their directors . about 54 per cent of respondents did not know that executive and non - directors directors had the same legal responsibility
  5. It has been reported that , as only a minority of private practitioners of western medicine and chinese medicine have taken out professional indemnities insurance cover , there is no full protection of patients rights
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  7. Whether it knows the respective numbers of private practitioners of western medicine and chinese medicine who have taken out professional indemnities insurance cover , as well as the percentages of such practitioners among all the practitioners in their respective sectors
  8. 8 we undertake to provide to the general committee of the confederation a copy of the professional indemnity insurance policy referred above and a written confirmation of our compliance with the duty of informing clients as proof of our due performance of these obligations
  9. It has been reported that the premiums paid by private medical practitioners for taking out professional indemnity insurance have risen considerably in recent months , with the premium payable by obstetric and gynecology doctors rising by up to 92 per cent
  10. 1 if this application is approved , we will be furnishing to cib as soon as reasonably practicable copy of the following documents , namely business registration certificate , certificate of incorporation , bank document of the clients ' account and endorsement of the professional indemnity insurance policy , for confirming that the new company name has been adopted
  11. Article 127 an insurance agent or an insurance broker shall meet the qualification requirements set forth by the financial supervision and regulation department and shall obtain an insurance agent license or an insurance broker license issued by the financial supervision and regulation department ; shall register with the authority of industry and commerce administration to obtain a business license and shall pay a guarantee deposit or buy a professional indemnity insurance policy
  12. Chapter iv is to make an introduction to the effect on the ship mortgage financing by the implementation of ism code . the bank will face such new risks as the vessel loses insurance compensation , civil liability of financing shipowner increases etc . in order to protect their benefits and avoid these risks fully , banks will operate by contract arrangements and in light of the hull insurance clause . shipowner should represent and warranty the real shipowner , classification of ship , the hull insurance , protection and indemnity insurance , etc . chapter v falls into three sections


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