insurance property造句

"insurance property"是什么意思   


  1. At ordinary times , the obligation of insurant includes following content : seasonable announcement underwriter answers when dangerous change ; enhance safe take precautions against natural calamities and the security that defend insurance property
  2. If the underwriter has the right of collection insurance premium , insurant has capture to pay the obligation of insurance premium ; because the reason inside insurance extent of liability causes a loss , insurant has insurance property the right to underwriter claim for compensation , the underwriter must assume compensatory obligation
  3. Our products have been listed by ul and approved by fm successively , maintain high marker share and enjoy sound reputation in china , america , israel , etc . meanwhile , the " mech " brand ductile iron grooved couplings and fittings sold in china have been insured product insurance by the people " s insurance property company of china , ltd .
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