is that a tear造句


  1. The Ermey quotes done for the spot are : " Is that a tear in your eye, private?
  2. Number One single since " Time Marches On " in 1996, and his first Number One on any major trade chart since 1997's " Is That a Tear ", which reached Number One on the former " Radio & Records " country chart.
  3. Other high points include " Excitable Boy " ( not the Warren Zevon tune ), a flat-out rocker in which Lawrence presents a likable array of sly inflections as he dramatizes the life of a rogue; and a good traditional-flavored country ballad, " Is That a Tear, " which features country fiddle and pedal steel guitar prominently.
  4. It's difficult to find is that a tear in a sentence. 用is that a tear造句挺难的


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