is that love造句


  1. It is that love which has prompted my appeal to you.
  2. The general message is that love is more important than material wealth.
  3. What we do know is that love won out.
  4. Its simplest level of meaning is that love needs food and wine to thrive.
  5. The ultimate message is that love, candor, and fidelity are terrific sexual aids.
  6. It's difficult to find is that love in a sentence. 用is that love造句挺难的
  7. Yet the truth is that loving your big family is the easy part of having seven kids.
  8. The why, it turns out, is that love really will do that to a fellow.
  9. The movie's theme is that love can bring together two people with divergent political beliefs.
  10. "What I've learned is that loving and caring for your family is a daily thing.
  11. The reason it's considered the treasure of life is that love is the true nature of every soul.
  12. With Valentine's Day approaching, one thing most of us can agree on is that love is strange.
  13. And so what we will miss most now that His Highness has left the building is that love of the game.
  14. The autumnal angle is that love arrives late for the character Gere plays, a womanizing restaurateur in his late 40s.
  15. Because one of the great true things about the Bush family is that love and loyalty for our dad and mom.
  16. The bottom line is that loves starts at home, though respect for the Titans begins on the road when they travel to face Oakland.
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