it just gets worse造句


  1. And every year, they say, it just gets worse.
  2. If you fight her back, it just gets worse,
  3. Life on heroin sucks, and it just gets worse.
  4. From one day to another, it just gets worse.
  5. She tries to help Rhona but it just gets worse.
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  7. We all thought it would get better, but it just gets worse.
  8. It just gets worse, " he said.
  9. Or will it just get worse and worse during the next 100 years?
  10. And from there, it just gets worse.
  11. "If it merges it just gets worse, " he said.
  12. But every year it just gets worse.
  13. For USC, it just gets worse.
  14. It just gets worse for Patrick Kluivert.
  15. It just gets worse for Manchester United.
  16. "It just gets worse the more time that's gone by,"
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