junk drawers造句

"junk drawers"是什么意思   


  1. But there's more to junk drawers than just junk.
  2. I've got all those things in junk drawers at home.
  3. And now it has made it to the back of the junk drawer.
  4. The not-so-important papers drawer is not a junk drawer.
  5. The electrical stuff drawer is not a junk drawer.
  6. It's difficult to find junk drawers in a sentence. 用junk drawers造句挺难的
  7. Her kitchen junk drawer is so orderly, she can find her junk.
  8. The humble adhesive graces tool boxes, junk drawers and automobile glove boxes.
  9. That's why we have junk drawers and dark recesses in bedroom closets.
  10. Now if I can just get up the energy to tackle the junk drawer.
  11. Bruce Schwendeman walked over to what he calls a taxidermist's junk drawer.
  12. They work for cosmetics in a purse and for batteries in a junk drawer.
  13. As a result, most junk drawers are the most egalitarian space in the house.
  14. "It's traveled from that junk drawer to this one ."
  15. On the job Fromong frequently gets quizzed about junk drawers and how to tame them.
  16. Now that's a junk drawer!
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