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"khoai chau"是什么意思   


  1. Van Yen and Van My districts were unified into My Van; Khoai Chau district and a part of Van Giang district were unified into Chau Giang district.
  2. Afterwards, they went on to cut Hung Nhan and Duyen Ha districts and transferred Tien Lu district ( formerly belonging to Tien Hung area ) to merge into Khoai Chau phu.
  3. It was then renamed Th醝 B靚h ph? ( ph? is an administrative unit ) under the Early L?Dynasty, Dang Chau and Khoai Chau ph? under the L?Dynasty and Long Hung lo ( lo is an administrative unit ) and Khoai lo under the Tr?n Dynasty.
  4. Five districts of Dong Yen, Kim Dong, Thien Thi, Phu Cu and Tien Lu were separated from Khoai Chau ph? of Son Nam Thuong tr?n and three districts of Than Khe, Duyen Ha and Hung Nhan were separated from Tien Hung ph? of Nam ?nh tr?n of lower Son Nam town to establish H?ng Y阯 Province.
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