1. Folk belief and popular religion in modern lasa area
  2. 92 poems relying on you by brother initiate ricardo lasa ,
  3. Because the western ngari is the farthest prefecture to reach from the regional capital lasa
  4. In order to study relationship between temperature , sunshine and quality of spring - sowing wheat , 3 wheat varieties were used in spring - sowing experiments carried out in rikaze , lasa , linzhi , beijing and shenyang in 1998 - 2001
    摘要为了研究温度和日照与春播小麦品质的关系,用3个小麦品种于1998 ~ 2001年在日喀则、拉萨、林芝、北京和沈阳进行了春播试验。
  5. Distant effect of jurassic collisions of qiangtang terrane , lasa terrane and paleo - pacific land onto the eurasian land made east qinling - dabie mountains in a compressional circumstance for a long time , and suppressed its orogenic extension ; whereas , cretaceous late - collisional extension and appearance of west pacific trench - arc - basin system relieved east qinling - dabie mountains of external compression , instantly result in violent orogenic lithosphere delamination - extension and depressurized - calefactive melting , and consequently , led to the formation of large scale early cretaceous granitoids and intermediate - acidic volcanic rocks
  6. It's difficult to find lasa in a sentence. 用lasa造句挺难的
  7. Lasa hongfeng hotel is an accurate 4 star hotels concerning foreign affairs that department open formally will it be may 1 2006 , lie in the center of lhasa , next - door neighbour s world - famous buddhism cultural heritage potala palace is only 300 meters , easily accessible around the hotel , the environment is peaceful and safe


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