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  1. Study on numerical simulation of laser ablation
  2. Laser ablation and micromachining with femtosecond laser pulse
  3. An investigation on the resonant laser ablation of fe in metal sample
  4. Relation between size - uniformity of si nanoparticles and oscillating stabilization time of the mixed region during laser ablation
  5. In the experiment of one - mension material growth induced by metal , nanoparticles are obtained by laser ablation fe target
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  7. Wavefront technology has not only increased the efficacy of laser ablations , but the safety profile as well
    大约有超过2 / 3的屈光不正患者在接受了传统的激光摘除眼镜手术后,都体会到了传统手术所带来的弊端。
  8. Determination of micro - amount of niobium and tantalum in fused glass samples by argon fluoride 193 nm excimer laser ablation - inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
  9. The laser technology in fabrication of nano - materials is summerized . the emphases are laser ablation principle and status quo in fabrication of nano - particle , nano - fibre , nano - thin film
  10. In this thesis , we studied the emission spectra of laser ablation al and cu plasma . ( 1 ) the emission spectra and space - resolved - spectra of aluminum plasma were observed by pulsed q - switched yag laser
    ( 1 ) a1等离子体光谱:在380 500nm范围内观测到激光烧蚀a1产生的等离子体发射光谱及空间分布特征。
  11. The recent progress in the instrument , analytical technique of laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ( la - icp - ms ) in metallurgical analysis has been reviewed
    摘要从仪器发展、分析技术应用研究等方面介绍了近年来激光烧蚀进样电感耦合等离子体质谱法( la - icp - ms )在冶金分析领域的最新进展。
  12. Strategies for the preparation of zeolite molecular membranes , such as in - situ hydrothermal synthesis , secondary growth , microwave synthesis and pulsed laser ablation , are reviewed
  13. In this section , the thesis showed that the effects , which were thermal effect and photobiomodulation , induced by laser ablation responded to the healing delay . then the thesis summoned the effects of fibroblasts on wound healing
  14. Conclusion : the results in this work indicated that laser ablation as a physical method was combined with conditions of chemical building - up reactions , and it can be used as a kind of macroscopic quantities synthsis means obtaining various clusters
  15. In this thesis the preparation of " chemically pure " metal colloids by nd : yag laser ablation of metal plate is introduced . the measurement result of tem of the nanoparticle systems obtained the experiment is reported that the size of these colloids were between 5 to 35nm
    2 、论文介绍了一种新的制备金属胶体及纳米量级粗糙金属表面的方法:利用nd : yag激光器1064nm激发光照射金属表面,通过改变光照时间,制备出“化学纯净”纳米金属胶体。
  16. However , the limitation of large - scale production and the high cost have restrained the development of the research on their application . comparing to arc discharge and laser ablation , chemical vapor deposition ( cvd ) is the most possible method with large - scale , low - cost and high - yield advantage to fabricate swnts
    相对电弧法与激光蒸发法,化学气相沉积法( cvd )是最有望实现大批量、低成本、高产率制备swnts的方法,因此已成为其制备方法研究领域的热点。
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