later zhou dynasty造句


  1. The Later Zhou dynasty attacked Liao positions in 958 in an attempt to regain the Sixteen Prefectures.
  2. The dui functioned and was created in the Late Zhou dynasties and Warring States period in early China.
  3. The Chinese were also making pig iron by the later Zhou Dynasty ( which ended in 256 BC ).
  4. "New History of the Five Dynasties " covers the Later Han, and Later Zhou dynasties.
  5. The early significance of " taotie " is not clear, but myths about it existed around the late Zhou Dynasty.
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  7. Midway through Emperor Muzong's reign, the Northern Song dynasty had supplanted the last of the Five Dynasties, the Later Zhou dynasty.
  8. In June 952, his uncle wrote a letter to the Later Zhou dynasty, saying that " Emperor Muzong is a drunkard and has no ambition ".
  9. It was most popular during the Late Zhou Dynasty, but later it was replaced by another food container named " Sheng " that was used during the Qin and Han dynasties.
  10. On the 1st year of Xiande Period of Later Zhou Dynasty ( one of the Five Dynasties ) he is known to live on the Mount Hua, one of the five sacred mountains of China.
  11. He adopted the policies previously enacted by Later Zhou dynasty, which include increasing agricultural production, broadening the imperial examination system, compiling encyclopaedias, expanding the civil service and further limiting the power of " jiedushis ".
  12. Historically the term was connected to the later Zhou Dynasty ( c . 1046 256 BCE ), especially the Spring and Autumn period ( eighth to fourth century BCE ) and the Warring States period ( from there to 221 BCE, when China was reunified by the Qin state ).
  13. A cousin of the Later Han emperor Liu Chengyou, Liu Yun was named Liu Chengyou's successor by Empress Dowager Li following Liu Chengyou's death, but on his way to the capital he was put under house arrest and later executed on orders of Guo Wei, who had founded the Later Zhou dynasty.
  14. The Late Mumun-Early Iron age Neuk-do Island Shellmidden Site yielded a small number of iron objects, Lelang and Yayoi pottery, and other evidence showing that beginning in the Late Mumun, local societies were drawn into closer economic and political contact with the societies of the Late Zhou Dynasty, Final JMmon, and Early Yayoi.
  15. At that time, there was still knowledge of even older, often more complex graphs ( dating to the middle to late Zhou dynasty, and directly ancestral to the Qin forms ) which differed from the Qin seal script forms, but which resembled them in their rounded, seal-script-like style ( as opposed to the squared, rectilinear clerical script style ).


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