lateral vibrations造句

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  1. Lateral vibration of pile groups in layered soil
  2. Study on the lateral vibration rule of drilling string under reversion
  3. Nonlinear lateral vibration of the hoist rope in vertical hoist system
  4. Lateral vibration of tubular columns on winkler foundation under fluid pressure
  5. Analysis of the natural lateral vibration of beam carrying electric current in magnetic field
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  7. Analytical solutions for lateral vibration of pile in layered soils considering shear deformation
  8. Springs , with the subsequent axial and lateral vibration problems , are eliminat ed
  9. Abstract : in this paper , a new model for lateral vibration of noncircular chain drive ( ncd ) with roller chain is established
  10. Applying an active vibration control method for the reduction of the lateral vibration of directional antenna is investigated
  11. Special multicrown designed gearing with limited radial clearance perfectly centring the rotating pieces and eliminating lateral vibrations
  12. The lateral vibration of the high speed rotating disk cutter slice blade was studied by the finite element analysis and the experimental measurement
  13. The results of the numerical simulation show that the acceleration of lateral vibration can be reduced 75 % if the active control system is applied on a radar antenna
    由数值分析结果显示,利用本方法,可将指向性天线振动减少75 % ,此外对天线振动导致之伺服干扰也能有效抑制。
  14. A more rigorous analytical solution for lateral vibration of single pile in a homogeneous soil was developed , in which the shear deformation of pile was considered for the first time
  15. The paper compared the design codes for vertical vibration serviceability of footbridge induced by human walking , and also investigated the lateral vibration of footbridge
  16. Furthermore , the analytical solution for the lateral vibration of single pile embedded in layered soils was obtained , and the influence of the shear deformation on the lateral dynamic response was examined
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