1. Control on conveyer sliding occurred at ltcc mining face
  2. The integrative manufacturing of the ltcc substrate and its package
  3. And have applicated this material in the ltcc , produces a filter
  4. In this thesis , the design and simulation of passive multilayer filter in ltcc substrate have been studied
  5. The research result provides a reliable guidance for preventing gas from being burst in ltcc face
  6. It's difficult to find ltcc in a sentence. 用ltcc造句挺难的
  7. We designed and fabricated ltcc power module on the basis of solving a series of difficult problems about technology
  8. This handsfree in - car device integrated csr bc02 and ltcc technology , providing fast and reliable transmission of voice
  9. We first designed the single layer power amplifier using epoxy substrate . it can offer reference for ltcc power amplifier
  10. The possibility to integrate passives inside the ltcc module is the important aspect when dealing with the high - frequency applications
  11. A bandpass filter which is suitable to be implemented using a multilayered structure , including multilayer ceramic / low temperature co - fired ceramic ( mlc / ltcc ) technique , is presented
    一种利用多层结构技术,包括多层陶瓷?低温共烧陶瓷( mlc / ltcc ) ,完成的带通滤波器。
  12. Among various passive components , people usually pay the most attention to the filter , which is one of key devices of rf front - ends
  13. Two high q bandpass filters at millimeter wave band based on substrate integrated waveguide ( siw ) and low temperature co - fired ceramics ( ltcc ) are designed in this thesis , and one is realized
    本文主要讲述了基于介质集成波导( siw )技术和ltcc工艺的毫米波频段高q滤波器的研制。
  14. Finally , a chebyshev function bpf with siw resonator was designed and realized by ltcc with 12 - layer substrate . a high performance elliptic function bpf with siw resonator was designed
  15. The process of organic vehicle evacuation of aln green tape and ag conductor paste have been researched in the view of ltcc technology , and optimum condition of organic vehicle evacuation temperature and cofiring atmosphere have been determined
  16. Passive multilayer filter based on ltcc for radio frequencies is a new type complex module satisfying requirements for miniaturization , lower cost and higher frequency in the development of modern electronic system
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