1. It might well profit from any crisis ( it did from ltcm )
    它也许能从危机中获利(它从ltcm中曾获利) 。
  2. However , investment banks claim to have learned some lessons from ltcm
  3. It might well profit from any crisis ( it did from ltcm )
    从任何危机也可以获得很好的利润(就像从长期资本管理那里得到的) 。
  4. A consortium of banks came to the rescue of ltcm and the economy continued to grow impressively
  5. If the much vaunted systems do not work , then the central banks will have to step in ( as the federal reserve did with ltcm )
    如果被大幅自夸的系统不起作用了,然后央行将不得不干涉(就像联储处理长期资本管理) 。
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  7. As became clear in the fallout from 1998 , banks that were aware of ltcm ' s loss - making positions had a real advantage
  8. They are naturally keen to avoid a repeat of 1998 , when the collapse of long - term capital management ( ltcm ) prompted a liquidity crisis
  9. Yet , even then , government intervention in one form or another has been necessary : witness the ltcm episode in 1998 , or the more recent interventions in support of the euro
  10. There is anecdotal evidence that some large hlis are becoming less willing to supply information to their counterparties as memories of the ltcm saga are fading
  11. And prof merton ' s evangelical zeal for the product might seem particularly controversial after the media blamed derivatives in part for the implosion at ltcm
  12. He was , as he sheepishly puts it , “ in the vicinity ” when stockmarkets tumbled in 1987 and long - term capital management ( ltcm ) , a hedge fund , disappeared down the plughole a decade later
    就像他局促不安地指出的那样, 1987年股市崩盘和十年后长期资本管理公司一个对冲基金陨落时他就在附近。
  13. The demand for more light to be shed on hedge funds has reached a level not seen since the near - collapse in 1998 of long - term capital management ( ltcm ) , a vast hedge fund
    要求加强对对冲基金监管的呼声日涨,已经达到了自1998年以来的最大程度,那时是由于巨型对冲基金长期资本管理基金几近崩溃(注1 ) 。
  14. At worst , the bank itself ? or , more likely , a second - tier rival or a hedge fund ? might fall into the kind of dramatic spiral that killed off long - term capital management ( ltcm ) , a hedge fund , in the late 1990s
    在最糟糕的情形下,银行本身? ?或者,更有可能,第二梯队的竞争对手或者对冲基金? ?可能坠入戏剧性的螺旋,它曾终结那家长期资本管理公司( ltcm ) ,一个对冲基金,在1990年代晚期。
  15. Even then , examples of market intervention in different forms and guises , are occasionally observed ltcm , concerted central bank intervention to prevent further weakening of the exchange rate of the euro , the use of strategic petroleum reserves , to name but a few
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