1. The XO was LtCol Daniel W . Kidd, USMC.
  2. The first Chief Paymaster was LTCOL Thomas W . Jolliffe, CMG.
  3. In June 2014, LtCol Federico assumed command.
  4. The appellant then shot LtCol Kidd again, the bullet entering his upper back.
  5. Nowak . ( LtCol plt MEng Nowak)
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  7. LtCol Kidd collapsed to the floor and bled to death within a matter of minutes.
  8. The aircraft N-1007 was manned by LtCol ( USMC ) James Edwin Rogers.
  9. He directed LtCol . Keller to coordinate with 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company to test this idea.
  10. Shortly thereafter, date unknown, LtCol John K . Hyatt, Jr . took command.
  11. LtCol Kidd managed to stagger into the changing room, with the appellant close behind him.
  12. LtCol Heffner first glanced at his XO, and then noticed the appellant in the doorway.
  13. In December 1962, LtCol Dwyer became Asst G-1 of the 2nd Marine Division.
  14. The battalion commanding officer LtCol James W Hammond was wounded and the battalion executive officer was killed.
  15. Mr Hanley s primary objection to my contributions is my use of military historian LtCol Robert Bateman.
  16. LtCol . F . H . Thurston became the CO of the Squadron on August 25, 1967.
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