1. LTCP was retained after the venture failed.
  2. The services provided by LTCP as well as its renovated facilities, continue to support research, education and technology.
  3. This activity supports Egypt's Ecotourism as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of LTCP's Conference in Sharm El Sheikh.
  4. The LTCP area is a unique monument of industrial architecture and archeology and placed him in a series of housing facilities for business and research excellence.
  5. Its operations remained largely unchanged from its operations at AT & T . In 1997, LTCP was placed in the unsuccessful Philips Consumer Communications joint venture.
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  7. Since there is a partnership between the two organizations, part of the pre-pageant were the environmental activities spearheaded by LTCP together with the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, among others, where Alyz and Tereza participated.
  8. Today, LTCP is essentially the only technology park in Attica, which specializes in areas-keys of modern applied technology, such as information technology, electronics technology, telecommunications, robotics, technology laser, environmental technology, energy, shipbuilding, marine technology, etc.
  9. LTCP aims at linking scientific and technological research conducted in Athens with the needs and interests of the business world, and to the realization of cultural events related to the promotion of the history and culture of the wider area of Lavreotiki, and the emergence of the history of activities in the past had developed in the maintenance of premises.


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