1. Income from LTCs is taxed after deducting the expenses of the company.
  2. LTCs deliver declarations showing the distribution of income and expenses to shareholders.
  3. Many LTCs are in fact renewed or new contracts offered.
  4. Only two of the four LTCs carrying'A'Squadron were able to launch all their tanks off shore.
  5. The general principles of LPs and LTCs are similar in the sense that the costs and revenues of both entities are transferred to shareholders.
  6. It's difficult to find ltcs in a sentence. 用ltcs造句挺难的
  7. On 16 August 1943, the crew of the APc-25 unloaded its passengers, cargo and mail and left the LTCs to unload the following day.
  8. In the legacy grid, there are three primary tools for carrying out voltage management : Load Tap Changers ( LTCs ), voltage regulators, and capacitor banks.
  9. LTCs and voltage regulators refer to transformers with variable turns ratios that are placed at strategic points in a network and adjusted to raise or lower voltage as is necessary.
  10. Employees on LTCs might be a description of employees for this purpose, and being on an LTC might be a criterion for selecting for dismissal, but it is a collective description rather than a reason relating to the individual concerned.
  11. LTCs Leo M . Brandt, Donald J . Pagel and MAJ George Latturner each commanded the battalion for short periods from April to December 1969 . The battalion continued to support the 4th Infantry Division along the Highway 19 corridor, from Qui Nhon to ?c C? during the period, where it fought hot actions in and around Plei Djereng and Plei Me.


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