mail alias造句

"mail alias"是什么意思   


  1. You can get a different e-mail alias for each Web site.
  2. "You should make a mail alias ` Webmaster'on the server machine so that people who have problems with your server can e-mail you about it easily.
  3. A NIS / YP system maintains and distributes a central directory of user and group information, hostnames, e-mail aliases and other text-based tables of information in a computer network.
  4. At Despammed . com, I get an e-mail alias I can use at Web sites so I don't have to use my real addresses when I join a newsgroup or buy a product on line.
  5. These attacks are more effective for finding e-mail addresses of companies since they are likely to have a standard format for official e-mail aliases ( i . e . jdoe @ example . domain, johnd @ example . domain, or johndoe @ example . domain ).
  6. It's difficult to find mail alias in a sentence. 用mail alias造句挺难的


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