1. The stars : Helen McCrory, Kevin McKidd, Stephen Dillane.
  2. With Ewan Stewart, Jenny McCrindle, Kevin McKidd and Ellie Haddington
  3. Stars Lindsay Duncan, with Kevin McKidd and Shirley Henderson.
  4. The episode was written by Meg Marinis and directed by Kevin McKidd.
  5. Cast : Iain Robertson, Joseph McFadden, Stephen Duffy, Kevin McKidd.
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  7. Starring Kevin McKidd, Hugo Weaving and Jennifer Ehle.
  8. Robin McKidd formed The Companions of The Rosy Hours a western-swing band.
  9. Owen Hunt ( Kevin McKidd ) declares that he s been Chief long enough.
  10. Bedlam Theatre is an award winning Michael Boyd, Kevin McKidd, and Greg Wise.
  11. Cast : Ewen Bremner, Kevin McKidd, Maurice Roeves, Martin Clunes, Jemma Redgrave.
  12. After the season finale, McKidd confirmed that he would be back for the 13th season.
  13. McKidd was nominated for two awards for his work on the show, winning one of them.
  14. McKidd plays Killer No . 2, the right-hand man of Nicola and a deadly assassin.
  15. Yang deals with her relationship with Owen Hunt ( Kevin McKidd ) who helps George with career advice.
  16. The innocent Tommy ( Kevin McKidd ) is the last one in the pool, the first to drown.
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