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  1. Its headquarters are located at Crossroad Center, Mother Ignacia Avenue cor.
  2. The building was named after the founder of the RVM, Mother Ignacia.
  3. Its studios and transmitter are located at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center Mother Ignacia cor.
  4. It is located along Mother Ignacia Avenue, formerly Cebu Avenue, in Quezon City.
  5. The Mother Ignacia Housing Project, jointly funded by MISEREOR and Lourdes College, began in 1991.
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  7. Mother Ignacia initiated this practice of spiritual recollection, and she herself started the retreat movement among women.
  8. In August 1993, BOL began building its own ministry center along Mother Ignacia Avenue in Quezon City.
  9. Quietly as she had lived her whole life, Mother Ignacia died on 10 September 1748, at the age of 85.
  10. Its operation started in June 1999 and is financially supported by the Mother Ignacia Development Foundation, Inc . ( MIDFI ).
  11. It saw the competition of the four-storey Mother Ignacia Building which housed the fourth year classes, the air-conditioned library.
  12. It signifies the Religious of the Virgin Mary, which was the first Filipino congregation founded by a Filipina, Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.
  13. The headquarters of Bread of Life Ministries International is a Christian megachurch located in its own ministry center on Mother Ignacia Ave . in scout area.
  14. These were to be used by the Mother Ignacia Community Services Program every Saturday, and the third and fourth year students in their typing classes.
  15. In the school year 1987-88, the Mother Ignacia Social Concerns Center, Inc . ( MISCCI ) was created as Lourdes College s community service arm.
  16. Noted residents include St . Lorenzo Ruiz, the Filipino protomartyr, and Venerable Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, founder of the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary.
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