mother in heaven造句


  1. She began her studies of the Mother in Heaven concept in 1991.
  2. During a comatose state, Sofia dreams she is meeting her mother in Heaven and once again bears angel-like wings.
  3. This is the celebration in order of Lord Buddha s return to Earth after delivering a semon to his dead mother in heaven.
  4. Some, like " Amor Eterno, " about meeting his mother in heaven, waited to the end to flash the chorus.
  5. "They might pray to'Our father and mother in heaven,'although some are meeting resistance in the pews ."
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  7. As Joe dies, he sings that he is finally going to see his mother in heaven . ( Joe : " I'm Gonna See My Mother " ).
  8. In 2015, an official essay was published on the church's website which surveyed 171 years of statements about a Mother in Heaven and confirmed that it was part of church doctrine.
  9. Thus, having a Father and Mother in heaven, they see that the Bible shows that those Parents had a Son born unto them before the creation of the world, by Whom all things were created.
  10. In 1960, an LDS seminary teacher published in a Mormon encyclopedia that " the name of our Mother in Heaven has been withheld " because of the way God the Father's and Jesus Christ's names have been profaned.
  11. Although my friends accuse me of relentless political correctness ( after all, I graduated from Duke ), even I found " Our Father-Mother in heaven / Hallowed be your name / Your dominion come " a little off-putting.
  12. Early leader George Q . Cannon thought that " there is too much of this inclination to deify'our mother in heaven, arguing that she is not part of the Godhead and that to worship her would detract from the worship of heavenly Father.
  13. The " Times and Seasons " published a letter to the editor from a pseudonymous person named " Joseph's Speckled Bird ", in which the author stated that in the pre-Earth life, the spirit " was a child with his father and mother in heaven ".
  14. Some folks have decided to give The New Testament a facelift . In The New Testament and Psalms : An Inclusive Version, " Darkness " is no longer equated with evil because of racist overtones and the " Lord's Prayer " now begins " Our Father-Mother in heaven ."
  15. As Ogami and DaigorM sit by a roadside fire and eat their evening meal, Ogami remembers how he offered the infant DaigorM the life-death choice : either Ogami's sword ( which would mean that DaigorM would join him on his mission of vengeance against the Shogun ) or DaigorM's ball ( which would mean that DaigorM would be killed, so that he could be with his mother in heaven ).


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