mother is gone造句


  1. My mother is gone, and she was the family historian.
  2. A fawn tracked down when its mother is gone is an easy target.
  3. After trying many different foods, Cass sees that her mother is gone.
  4. Though Tsapenko's mother is gone, members of her generation are still thriving in San Francisco.
  5. Relatives said Wednesday that the children are just now beginning to understand that their birth mother is gone.
  6. It's difficult to find mother is gone in a sentence. 用mother is gone造句挺难的
  7. But Sally feels that Henry is the best person to parent her little brothers after their mother is gone.
  8. Paula says when her mother is gone, she'll continue the morning ceremony, probably using the same teacup.
  9. "A lot of times, a mother is gone for three hours or even days, and the neighbors call police, " he said.
  10. For example, when Reid tells Franky Krista will come back and Franky wants to believe him, Freaky tells her, " You know your mother is gone.
  11. Jack is the quiet, introverted one whose right eye is blue and left eye is brown, the skinny one who weighed 2 pounds at birth and still doesn't understand that his mother is gone.
  12. And this year my mother is gone, and our grown child will be spending Christmas in Germany, and along with the role of being the Big People, we have acquired a sense of loss and loneliness.
  13. The Duchess of Alba was to receive her green parrot; to Don Diego de Acevedo she gave " the new bed of green velvet with all the furniture to it; beseeching him even as he hath in my lifetime showed himself like a father and a brother to my sons, so shall [ I ] require him no less to do now their mother is gone ".


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