1. Fourteen clubs participated in the competition, and the champion was won by CF Mounana.
  2. "' L閎oka Airport "'is an airstrip serving the town of Mounana in Haut-Ogoou?Province, Gabon.
  3. In the National Assembly as a PDG candidate from the second seat of Lemboumbi-Leyou Department ( Mounana ), located in Haut Ogoou?Province.
  4. He also scored his first professional hat-trick on 2 May in a 3-0 CAF Confederations Cup win over Gabonese side CF Mounana.
  5. "' C閐ric Ondo Biyogh?"'( born 17 August 1994 ) is a Gabonese professional forward for CF Mounana in the Gabon Championnat National D1.
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  7. "' Franck Engonga "'( born 26 July 1993 ) is a Gabonese professional footballer who currently plays for CF Mounana and the Gabon national football team.
  8. The "'2016 17 Gabon Championnat National D1 "'is the 49th season in top-flight Mounana are the defending champions having won their second title.
  9. Francevillite was first described in 1957 for an occurrence in its type locality of the idle Mounana uranium mine, near Franceville, Haut-Ogoou? Gabon and was named for the city.
  10. "' Karl Max Barth閘閙y "'also known as "'Karl Max Dany "'( born 27 October 1986 in N'Djam閚a ) is a Chadian football striker who currently plays for Gabonese team CF Mounana on loan from Club Africain, from Tunisia.


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